LaVidaYarn was born out of the joy of creativity, the pleasure of creating – our products are the outcome of my creative endeavours since I was a small child. My family name, Vida, is included in the brand name, while La Vida in Spanish simply means life – LaVidaYarn symbolises the thread of life, which we weave into each one of our unique, handmade products.

My love of crocheting has been passed down to me by my mother. On a freezing winter night, in a small Hungarian village, she insisted on sharing her knowledge with me. I reluctantly accepted, unsure how I would ever find the time to practice it, but it immediately became my passion. Not a single day has gone by since without developing on the techniques my mother gave me, which I’m forever grateful for.

This store is the result of my love for crocheting. Its mission is to deliver some of those positive energies we experience while making them to those who appreciate handmade, decorative items. We hope it makes you as happy wearing them as it makes us creating them.

With Passion, With Love!

Tímea Samu

Margit Vida Mártonné

I don’t remember exactly who made me fall in love with crochet, but several people in our family made the then very popular crochet tablecloths for the nips. At that time, I learned the patterns from the Fürge ujjak weekly magazine. I still love to crochet, but now I look for new ideas on the Internet. I make Christmas decorations every year before the holidays.

At the beginning of 2022, inspired by my daughter, I started making baskets from recycled yarn, which gilded my gray winter days.

It is a special pleasure for me that I was able to pass this knowledge on to my daughter, who now makes quite amazing things from yarn.

Annamária Kakuk

My grandmother taught me to knit when I was 6 years old. For everything! The beginning, end, consumption, tying of samples. From then on, I knitted with different intensities.

There were periods when I was active and there were years when I didn’t have a knitting needle in my hand, but I always came back. I’ve been enjoying the joy of creating for a few years now as a pensioner.

I like challenges and for me this is not climbing Mount Everest, just my sofa with two knitting needles.

Brigitta Nemes

About 10 years ago, I became interested in creative work, primarily in making pearl jewelry. At that time, I found time almost every day to indulge in this wonderful hobby. Later, beading was followed by sewing, then embroidery and macrame.

In creation, I can experience peace, I can retreat to my own world after a day full of buzz, and my embodied ideas fill me with happiness.

I make my products with the greatest love and hope that I can bring joy to as many people as possible.

Edit Szegedi

In the 1980s, when my daughters were small, I sewed, knitted, and crocheted clothes, hoodies, and jackets a lot.

Since 1989, I have been dealing with accounting and tax consulting in Szekszárd. In addition to my businesses, I didn’t have time for my creative hobby, so the creative years were missed.

My children flew out, started their own families, and blessed me with seven grandchildren.

I retired in 2019.

After 30 years, I discovered baskets and bags made of polo and cord yarns on the Internet, and after copying the patterns, I started making wonderful products for the joy of my family and friends.

I enter a wonderful world when, starting from a magic circle, I make home decoration products or wearable bags and household items. I hope these creative moments will accompany me for the rest of my life.

I really like nature, I take a lot of hikes and take photos.